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As a blossoming young teenager, Tara Keenan, a top female American martial artist is defeated by Ning Davis for the Amerikick International Karate Championships. Ten years later, while completing her residency in cosmetic surgery, Tara is forced to again compete with her nemesis while trying to coach a misfit group of young martial artists.

As president of Amerikick martial arts, I am very familiar with the demographic for this project. With schools across the country we reach the key demographic for the film. Our international tournament is one of the largest in the U.S. and draws a large audience on Comcast Sports. As a writer I have had several screenplays optioned and two films produced, as well as four books published.
I also have worked on over thirty films as a SAG / AFTRA member and stunt coordinator. My daughter currently works in Hollywood as a producer on various projects.

We can fill the seats with martial artists friends and family across the country. We market actively through social media, the world’s largest martial arts equipment distributor and can tap into the fervent sports martial arts and tricking fan base, and of course the larger market of parents looking for family friendly films. I would love the opportunity to move forward with this project with all of our Amerikick family.

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